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If you’ve enjoyed the show so far, and would like to help support it, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes, or wherever you listen to the show. Every review helps expose us to a larger audience, and will help us bring new people in to make it even better!

If you’d like to go an extra step to help a little more, consider contributing to our Patreon. While we don’t NEED the Patreon, every little bit we get will help off-set some of the costs of production and help pay our fantastic actors for their time.

We also opened a webstore, so you can get some sweet Return Home gear. It’s pretty bare-bones right now, but we will be filling it out with more as time goes on. Check it out!

If you do one, both, or none, we love you anyway, and we appreciate you taking the time to listen to our story every week!

Support Our Show!
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