The next episodes are titled…

We’re almost ready. The new episodes are being written, recorded, and prepped for you.

We have a great slate of them coming up in this go-round. We’ve also added some incredibly talented writers to the staff, and we are so excited we have them on board to help tell these stories.

We thought we’d reveal the titles of the next few episodes, though, as you all have been waiting patiently for them. These first three are all written by me (Jeff), but the ones coming after will be from our new writers.

The upcoming episodes are:

Episode 7 – Small Red Box

Episode 8 – Hooves in the Dirt

Episode 9 – A L O N E

We can’t wait to hear your theories on what they are about.

And because we miss you so, a brand new interlude will be released next week, called Hole in the Ground. It’s voiced by the incredibly talented Bridget Farmer (who also voices Mayor Norma Jean May), and it is delightfully dark (and probably my favorite Interlude, and episode, to date)

We’ll see you soon, lovelies.


The next episodes are titled…
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One thought on “The next episodes are titled…

  • September 20, 2016 at 2:44 am

    I really enjoy this podcast. I’m looking forward to shows continued seasons. On a personal note.. Buddy is great, my favorite character. His voice and delivery reminds me to be a better friend. He is kind, genuine and a true friend always having johnnys back no matter what. I feel friends are family and my family is number 1. He embodies that true friend/family we all should be honored and most grateful if we are lucky and worthy enough to have a “Buddy” in our lives:


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