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Big things are coming your way, Melancholians (is that the term for you listeners? Melancholians? Return Homies? You guys tell me!). But one of those big things is the above postcard. Want one of your own?

If you listened to Episode 5.1 already, you know we will be taking a brief hiatus at the conclusion of Episode 5. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean we will be completely quiet. In fact, we will be launching our ARG (alternate reality game) during that time, to help bring the world of Return Home into YOUR home even more!

Turns out the Society of Shadows is recruiting, and they want YOU to join their ranks. But first, they need to test your skills to see if you are worthy. You’ll have to put your puzzle solving skills to the test if you want to be allowed into the inner circle.

But first, they need to send you something…in the mail.

That’s right, we are expanding our reach, directly into your mailboxes, to help tell a brand new story!

The awesome @luminescent-wanderings will be play-testing it soon to help us iron out the kinks, and then, we will open the flood gates to allow everyone else in.

And just how can you get involved (and get one of those nifty postcards)?

Fill out this form to get on the list, and as soon as the game begins, we will be sending you something via snail mail to get you started…including the above postcard! You can find the form at:

Be sure to tell your friends, as we’d love to have more people playing, too!

We are super excited for this, and really hope that you all enjoy it. We love immersive theater, and we can’t wait to expand Melancholy Falls into the real world even more. So sign up today, and keep an eye on your mail boxes for something special…

Sign up for the Return Home ARG!
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