Episode 27.1 – Dimensions

Episode 27.1 - Dimensions

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Episode Twenty Seven Part 1 – Dimensions

With more Tears opening, Zayne assigns The Spooky Gang a task. Yes, all of them.

It was written and produced by Jeff Heimbuch
Additional story by BJ Grip
It featured the vocal talents of Alyssa Rittorno, Forrest Orta, Stepy Kamei, Cleve Nettles, BJ Grip, Zane Sexton, and Jeff Heimbuch
The characters of Sheriff Rowland and Deputy Dillard appear courtesy of Uncanny County, and are played by Nicole Greevy and William Franke. Visit their side of the Tear at UncannyCounty.com
The Rakes appear courtesy of The Tunnels podcast. You can visit them at www.tunnelspodcast.com
Original musical score is by Kori Celeste


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Episode 27.1 – Dimensions
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